Porter's Story

In October 2011, Seth and I learned that our unborn son, Porter has a condition called Trisomy 13 or Pateu's Syndrome which is not compatible with life. We chose to let God decide when Porter's life will end. These are the lessons we've learned from our Heavenly Father through the life of Porter Gray.
Isaiah 46:4

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Porter's Birthday March 2 ~ We will meet our precious Porter

Just a quick update on Porter.

After discussing the dangers of low fluid and the chance of losing him before he's due, we have decided to deliver him tomorrow. Waiting for the OR schedule to figure out the time.

We'll make sure word gets to you about him and we'll post pictures when we can.

Thank you all for surrounding us with love and prayers. I can't tell you how much it means to us. I will not be able to personally respond to all your messages, please know that I am getting them and they are treasured.

My friend Susan, will likely write a post or message on CaringBridge for those of you who want to help in some way. She may be helping organize and answer questions for us. Please know that you all have already helped us in ways we cannot described.

Love Seth and Jeannie


  1. thinking about you, porter and seth... lots of prayers. sandra

  2. Hi, I don't know you, but I'm praying for you, your husband, your little boy, and your baby boy! I saw this posted on a friend's facebook status. Praying that the almighty Lord's presence would be all you need right now, bringing you peace and comfort, wrapping you tightly in His love. Praying His blessings would flow to you, and that you are all covered in His precious blood. In Jesus Name, Amen. In His Love, Sarah Frachiseur

  3. Bless you! How scary and exciting this day will be. My prayer is that you will have many beautiful moments together as a family. My thought will remain with you in the coming days. Much love to you and yours
    Amber Andrews

  4. Hey Jeannie! I saw where Christy posted a link to your blog and I have been reading it in amazement for the past hour or so. I remember you so fondly! Your big smile and loving spirit. I am amazed by your courage and spirit. I will be thinking of you and your family tomorrow and in the coming weeks. You are truly an amazing woman, wife, and mother.
    All my love to you,
    Michelle O'Dell-Dietz

  5. praying for you Jeannie. May gods love be with you .

  6. praying for your family. we've never met but i saw your info on a friends fb page and want you to know you are being lifted up in prayer. i pray for God's will above all else and for Him to be glorified. i pray for Porter to be strong and for your faith to be even stronger. In Him, Nicky Long Savannah, GA

  7. Hi Jeannie,
    I saw this through Christy's facebook and her call for prayers. I am praying for God's ultimate strength and comfort tomorrow as Porter enters the world. May you feel God's loving arms around your you and your family. You see, this touches me more than you know because my family has been in your family's shoes 5 yrs ago. My son Holden was diagnosed with an Omphalocele - an abdominal wall defect where his organs were outside of his body. God allowed me to carry and deliver him on Nov. 26, 2007. Our journey was a painful roller coaster ride but God was there every step of the way. He let us have Holden for 10 months, 8 of them were spent at Arkansas Children's Hospital where he died on September 22, 2008. There is nothing more harder to go through than losing your child but God has been so faithful to me as a mommy. The verse that I hold close to my heart is Isaiah 41:10 - So do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. What wonderful words of comfort from our sovereign God. He is the ONLY reason I stand here today able to encourage another mommy. I will always long for Holden but he is in heaven healed and complete and I will see him again. God has blessed me with five children - four here with me and one sitting in the lap of Jesus. Love to you and your family.
    In His Grip,
    Cindy Coffman

  8. I'm praying for your family- for peace for your hearts, endurance for today, strength for Porter, and for some precious moments with your baby. Remember that all of this, even Porter's early arrival, is a part of God's plan for your family. Rest in that today as things seem out of control. I'll be lifting you up before Jesus today.

  9. My prayer for you: "Dear God, please hear my prayer. Let this family receive the time with Porter that they need to be at peace. Please let them experience serenity during this time of emotional turbulance. Help them to heal. I believe falling in love with a baby starts before conception and grows ten fold with each second that child is nutured in one's womb. Grant them repose and understanding. Dear Lord, please help everyone touched by this story for one cannot read about Porter and not feel sincere sorrow. Let their family know that in a world of uncertainty, they can be confident in You. Amen."

  10. Blessings to you and your family!! Blessings to "Baby Porter"

  11. Thinking of you today. Our daughter, Violet, was born 4 months ago today and also had Trisomy 13. Having her was the happiest day of my life and I hope today is that for you as well! <3

  12. I pray that Porter is a miracle among miracles. Blessings to you, Sweet Porter, as you enter this world. Know that you are loved and covered in prayer. -- Krisha Arvin, MDiv

  13. I am praying very hard for your family! I don't know you, but I have followed Porter for awhile now. Lots of prayers are going up for Porter and you and Seth! Good luck today hon! Kim Robbins

  14. Jeff and Melissa HayesMarch 2, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    Melissa and I have you both in our thoughts.

  15. Saying a prayer for you and your sweet angel, Porter. Your love inspires me and all of the rest of us. May the Lord bring you peace that transcend understanding today, sweet friend. (even though we do not know each other. )


    Jill Hill
    Madison, Ga

  16. Heard about your sweet, sweet boy from the Green Family. Just wanted you to know that you are being covered in prayer.