Porter's Story

In October 2011, Seth and I learned that our unborn son, Porter has a condition called Trisomy 13 or Pateu's Syndrome which is not compatible with life. We chose to let God decide when Porter's life will end. These are the lessons we've learned from our Heavenly Father through the life of Porter Gray.
Isaiah 46:4

Monday, January 28, 2013

You're Invited~Porter's 1st Birthday March 2nd

38 Minutes of

 ...perfect love

... no regrets

...God’s perfect will

...a life that changed ours forever…

We would be honored for you to join us in the celebration of Porter’s 1st Birthday on March 2nd at 7:38 pm. (A lantern release or candle lighting at 7:38 pm)
Can you believe it's been almost a year since Porter came into this world and changed our hearts forever?
Seth and I would like to invite you, the family, friends, and extended family who've prayed for us all this time and loved on us since we knew of Porter's condition to join us from wherever you are to celebrate his life by releasing a lantern or lighting a candle in his honor...
It would mean so much to if you joined us to show Porter that we remember him and were changed by his short and perfect life. If you would like to release a lantern in Porter's honor on his birthday and know me or one of our friends personally, please let us know how many lanterns you would like by message (via facebook or email).
I will have several friends designated to distribute lanterns locally and ship a few out as well.
If you are an International friend, please go online to order a lantern from your area or light a candle for Porter.
General Update~
I've had to put my grief and feelings aside to be the wife, mother, and daughter that I've needed to be for my family. Now, as Porter's birthday approaches, I find myself thinking of him and my love and loss bubbling up inside me. I miss him so much. I still ache for him. When I smile, and laugh, and achieve my daily tasks, I feel him missing in my life. A piece of me is missing. This is the new normal. I will adjust, we will move forward, but we will never forget him.
Tonight, my almost 3 year old, was praying and thanking God for mommy, daddy, the dog, his little tractor, and Porter. I was reminded to tell him, that he was here because he was a gift from God. I told Cam that God loved him and that he has a purpose. That God doesn't make mistakes.  
I hope that each of you know that God doesn't make mistakes. That you are here for a reason. Everything you do. Everything you say. Impacts those around you. You are loved, you are intentional, you are on purpose.
Please send us a message or comment to let us know if you plan to join us. It would mean so much after all this time!
Love Jeannie


  1. I will light a candle for Porter in Waikoloa, HI.

  2. I have been thinking of all of you and especially of Porter. I would love a lantern to release.....how do Zi get one?